Here We Go Again: Warriors 2.0

Congratulations! The Warriors did something that had never been done in NBA history. They became the winningest team ever and lost a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers. To make matters worse, less than a month later during the free agent frenzy Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant announced that he would sign with the Golden State Warriors. Talk about a consolation prize.

The Rio Olympics were awesome, we watched as Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson play organized basketball together for the first time. And, then, pre-season opened. The Warriors would be returning 8 members from last season and will ultimately fill the 15-man roster with 7 new guys, thank God most will be veterans like David West and Zaza Pachulia; though he is not officially on the team, I sure do hope JaVale McGee makes the final 15-man roster, because if for nothing else he’ll be sure to make the NBA bloopers reel *this is where I would plug a certain segment on a certain tv show, but they’re not paying me*.

Moving along, Steve Kerr now has the most complex yet amazing job ever in life. I’m talking better than Phil coaching Jordan or Kobe. But what grinds my gears most is all the buzz about how the Warriors will fair with so many changes and superstars in the 2016 – 2017 season. Well, let’s see, for starters, the Warriors have the last 3 league MVPs and a cast of players who are concerned about 1 thing: winning. I mean seriously, players who are more concerned about individual stats have no place on the Warriors. Andre Iguodala- who is a starter by merit should be the league’s reigning 6th Man of the Year. Clearly, he understands what’s for the greater good. And, to be honest, the Warriors second team looks better than other teams’ starters, believe me *Trump hands*. Read More

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