Review: Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures

Guilty Pleasures is “all gems, no requests” and a DJs paradise. A collaboration between AfroaDJiak and DJ Red Corvette, GP is where the DJs vibe and the crowd simply rides the wave. There is no format. Trap, club, reggae, bounce,  afrobeat, r&b and even some pop favorites.

The monthly event is a pure energy exchange. Weaving through genres and decades in the cozy space that is 25 Maiden Lane located in San Francisco, California. But don’t fret, this event is gearing up to be a mobile, touring good time. The two women joined forces to show female unity and live the concept by seeking various female artists to create visual art work for their projects. Event aside the duo has also curated a mixtape series. GP are you with me?

Both DJs specialize in crowd movement and compliment each other well.  They stay true to the thought that music is the ultimate unifier. Throughout the night everyone was so engulfed in the energy that the DJs were also participants not just orchestrators. I was able to catch up with both ladies for a brief interview detailing how they came together, what Guilty Pleasures is about, the need for female unity in the industry and more! Check it out below. Be sure to check DJ Red Corvette and afroDJiack for Guilty Pleasures Volume 1 &2 annnd future events from both of these 2 trill jeans.

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